My Story

Hello and welcome to my website. At the beginning of high school I began working as a freelance web designer and photographer, now almost five years later I have entered my journey in college and have continued to expand my web design and marketing agency with over 115 clients. I work closely with each client to specialize each project according to the personality and demeanor of my client. I combine a visually modern design approach with the emotional pull of custom design elements representing each of my clients personalities. I work closely with Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many social media platforms and specialize in running custom advertisement campaigns. I also perform SEO optimization to ensure that each website I create ranks highest online. For those who need graphic design options I also create custom logos, mail advertisements, and more. Design is my passion, and while my journey in school is moving towards becoming a psychologist, design will always be part of my career. I look forward to continue meeting new clients and creating special projects with each one of them!

Over 115 Websites